About acm

Active Community Management (ACM) is designed to help with the management of Neighbourhood Watches, Community Safety Organisations, Housing Associations and other community-based structures. In a country where crime and violence are increasing every year and with police resources limited and overstretched, more and more neighbourhoods are becoming actively involved in their own community safety.

Community safety is not just about the criminal activities but also the social and environmental influences that affect one’s quality of life. These organisations rely heavily on the support of members who volunteer their time managing and planning projects or activities. ACM combines technology, flexibility and efficiency by simplifying time-consuming administrative functions. Whether you are improving membership growth, operational performance or reducing crime, our Intuitive reporting features help you identify which segments need your attention most.

ACM is designed to be a simple platform for you to build and create your own visual data map of your area. Visual data can be processed much faster and with our custom icons and intuitive reporting features, you will be able to quickly identify patterns and trends allowing you to make informed decisions.